Fend Off the Blahs

January 3rd, 2012 by Deer Brook Inn

That’s right- it is January! Fend off those blahs that hit you around mid January. A ski trip might be nice but the important thing is a change of pace and a change of scenery. What better scenery than in Vermont? As you cross into Vermont, you can’t help but make that sigh of relief. It just happens. Make it happen for you.

Our apologies to folks who have tried to reach us by phone and have gotten disconnected. We just discovered that rural areas around the country, such as ours, are having problems with long distance phone calls. It is called a call termination problem. That means that you make a call and your phone company sends it out but doesn’t follow it all the way to us. It has   contracted  it out to some other company that can do it at a lesser cost to carry it to us, BUT it won’t guarantee that it gets to where you want it.

So send us an e-mail to deerbrook@vermontel.net or call us on our cell phone 802-369-0776. We look forward to hosting your visit to Woodstock, Vermont