Why Come to Vermont?

May 17th, 2011 by Deer Brook Inn

You know that feeling you get at the end of the day when you finally sink into your favorite chair, or when you get a chance to pamper yourself and slip into a soothing warm bath? It is that “AAHHH” feeling. That is what it feels like when you cross the border into Vermont. Vermont is a feeling as much as it is a place. That Vermont feeling is what makes this state special, and it is special! From its covered bridges to its quick flowing rivers and streams, from the green-ness of the land to the blue-ness of the sky, everything says, “Relax.” From the friendliness of the people to the lack of billboards (there are none in Vermont) you will feel at home even if you have never been here before. But unlike at home, we will take care of everything you need.

There is so much happening in the upcoming weeks, but that is not why people always come to Woodstock. They come to feel that feeling. That relaxed, “treat yourself to a break” feeling that only Vermont has to offer.

Come to Deer Brook Inn, do your own thing during the day, eat in our many fine restaurants, then relax on our outdoor breakfast patio, or sit on our lawns and have a picnic. We will do the rest! We look forward to meeting you.